BPW Foundation:  We’re working women helping women work


Business and Professional Women’s Foundation (BPW Foundation) is the first foundation and research center in America dedicated exclusively to the interests and advancement of working women.

See this site for information on women’s history:  https://www.cliohistory.org/click/

BPW State Change the Story



BPW State Bylaws 2017.05.20

BPW VT Informational Brochure 2014

Finance Information:

BPW State 2016-17 Budget

BPW State Balance Sheet 8.31.14

BPW State Balance Sheet Detail 8.26.14

BPW State Profit Loss July-Aug 2014

BPW State Profit Loss Detail 8.26.14




BPW State Minutes 2011.06.04, BPW State Minutes 2011.06.05, BPW State Minutes 2011.08.17,  BPW State Minutes 2011.10.29,  BPW State Minutes 2012.02.01,  BPW State Minutes 2012.03.31


BPW State Minutes 2012.06.01, BPW State Minutes 2012.06.03, BPW State Minutes 2012.08.27, BPW State Minutes 2012.10.27, BPW State Minutes 2013.01.22, BPW State Minutes 2013.03.23, BPW State Minutes 2013.05.17, BPW State Minutes 2013.05.18, BPW State Minutes 2013.05.19


BPW State Minutes 2013.10.12, BPW State Minutes 2014.01.27, BPW State Minutes 2014.03.16, BPW State Minutes 2014.05.16, BPW State Minutes 2014.05.17, BPW State Minutes 2014.05.18


BPW State Minutes 05.18.2014, BPW State Minutes 08.28.2014, BPW State Minutes 02.09.2015, BPW State Minutes 03.04.2015, BPW State Minutes 05.01.2015, BPW State Minutes 05.02.2015BPW State Minutes 2015.05.03


BPW State Minutes 2015.10.21 Exec CommBPW State Minutes 2015.11.09BPW State Minutes 2016.02.10BPW State Minutes 2016.03.16BPW State Minutes 2016.03.29BPW State Minutes 2016.04.27


BPW State Minutes 2016.05.22

BPW State Minutes 2016.06.15

BPW State Minutes 2016.07.20

BPW State Minutes 2016.08.17

BPW State Minutes 2016.09.21

BPW State 2017.05.19 Minutes PreConvention


BPW State Policies and Procedures 2017.05.20

VT/BPW has established a grant for Local Organizations to help with the efforts to increase membership: BPW State Membership Grant Request Form 2017-18

Reimbursement requests for expenses: BPW State Reimbursement Form 2017-18

Dues Remittal:  BPW State 2015-16 Dues Remittal Form

President’s Challenge Forms:

BPW State President’s Challenge 2017-18

Vermont Working Woman Newsletter:

92nd Annual BPW/VT Convention:  BPW State 2017 Call to Convention

BPW VWW 2013 Fall

BPW VWW Winter 2014

BPW VWW 2014 Spring

BPW State 2016 Call to Convention

BPW State 2015 Call to Convention

Young Careerist Program:

The Virginia Allan Young Careerist Program is a signature event of Business and Professional Women that recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of successful young individuals. This program provides training, leadership and development skills.

BPW State Young Careerist Manual

BPW State 2017-18 Young Careerist

Alice Paul Award

This award will be given to an individual or group who has demonstrated an active commitment to improving the lives of Vermonters by being a true champion for equal rights.

BPW State Awards.Alice Paul

Berl Morrill Award

This award is given in memory of Berl Morrill, who was an active, committed, devoted, visible and beloved BPW member. She bequeathed a sum of money to be used at BPW/VT’s direction. The award, an engraved silver bowl, is presented each year by BPW/VT to a member who best represents the attributes present in the BPW Collect.

BPW State Awards.Berl Morrill

Employer of the Year Award:

Vermont Business and Professional Women’s organization annually bestows the Employer of the Year Award to any business, non-profit organization or person who fulfills many of the criteria described in the application.

BPW State Awards.EOY

Woman of the Year Award:

This Award recognizes a BPW member who has made outstanding contributions to her community and to BPW in the past year. State and local officers or standing committee members remain eligible for this award. The local winner moves on to the state competition.

BPW State Awards.WOY

Local Organization Resources:

Young Careerist Preparation Material

BPW State YC 2016 Timeline

BPW State YC 2016 Regional Letter Requesting Business Contributions

BPW State YC 2016 Letter Requesting Nominations

BPW State YC 2016 Guidelines for News Releases and Sample Forms and Letters

BPW State YC 2016 Sample Letter to Judges

BPW State YC 2016 Sample Letter to the Local YC Representative

BPW State YC 2016 Sample News Release for Judges

BPW State YC 2016 Sample News Release for Participants

BPW State YC 2016 Sample News Release for State Competition

BPW State YC 2016 Sample Interview Questions for Judges

BPW State YC 2016 Score Sheet Bio

BPW State YC 2016 Score Sheet Group Interview

BPW State YC 2016 Score Sheet Personal Interview

BPW State YC 2016 Score Sheet Speech

BPW State YC 2016 Score Sheet Timekeeper

BPW State YC 2016 Score Sheet Final

BPW State YC 2016 Final Tally Sheet

BPW State YC 2016 Governor Proclamation

BPW State YC 2016 Evaluation Form for Participants

BPW State YC 2016 Areas of Recommended Improvement for YC Representative