A Welcome Message from BPW/VT President Danielle Martel

Since 1919 BPW has fought to change the world for the betterment of all women’s lives, and locally Business and Professional Women of Vermont has worked to champion equality of opportunity for 92 years.  I am honored to have the opportunity to lead this dynamic and diverse group of women and men to continue and expand on the work done by prior Presidents, and to attain all that is still left undone.  The Board of Directors are working hard with their committees to build community awareness of the Organization, steadily grow the number of active members, help the Local Organizations in any way possible, and most of all we have fun! 


Many of us joined because of our cause, but have stayed members because of their positive experiences with the individuals within the membership.  Those bonds help the membership to grow, and to strengthen our voice within the community.  Some of our most senior members have belonged to the club for decades, and we welcome members from all walks of life to the Organization, and encourage them to participate in the activities that interest them the most.


To continue and ensure that BPW/VT’s success is built on its strong legislative voice, personal development, networking, leadership training, mentoring, and friendships our senior members work hard to provide support and guidance to newer members so they can develop and enhance their leadership skills, and have influence and success in their careers, community, and BPW.  Working with our Local Organizations and Members at Large, we monitor legislation, award local businesses and members annually, support veterans, advocate for changes in laws and representation.


With over 100 members that range in age, gender, working backgrounds, and education, everyone works towards a common goal of improving the role of women in our state.  We provide a forum for discussion and action surrounding the most pressing issues that affect women in the community. 


Building Powerful Women,

Danielle Martel